Gunhild Stordalen, The Flying Hypocrite

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Why are so many warmists such hypocrites?: 

The globe-trotting billionaire behind a campaign to save the planet by drastically reducing meat consumption is accused of blatant hypocrisy.

Gunhild Stordalen, a Norwegian who owns a £20 million private jet with her husband, regularly flies to exotic destinations around the world. Air travel pollution is a major contributor to global warming…

Model-turned-doctor Gunhild, 40, bankrolled the EAT-Lancet study which this week unveiled daily quotas such as no more than a 2p-sized beef burger; two-thirds of a fish finger; or a quarter of a chicken breast…

Gunhild flaunts her lavish lifestyle on social media website Instagram. In recent months she has posted photos of herself sunbathing in Mexico, relaxing in Greece, hugging a tree in Costa Rica, meditating with husband Petter in Antibes, living it up in Cuba and posing by a pool in St Tropez.

She was also photographed in front of a backdrop of New York skyscrapers in a post lecturing people to cut meat from their diets. Gunhild suggests alternatives such as beans and nuts.

I’ll believe there is global warming crisis when the warming preachers actually act like they believe it.

Until then I’ll consider this a religious crisis instead, led by the worst of the sinners

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