Energy And Environmental Newsletter – January 7th 2019

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Follow the (Climate Change) Money

Study: Costs and consequences of wind turbine wake effects

Let’s End Welfare Recipient-Fake Energy Wind And Solar

Wind power: separating truth from spin

Now will energy firms tell the truth on subsidies?

Video: Carbon Tax Scam

New England offshore wind energy lease auction fetches $405 million

City Al Gore Featured in Movie Is Losing Millions

How policies can make or brake solar development

Scottish wind project paid £96m to turn off

Archive: Wind projects needs 700 times more land than fracking to produce same energy

Archive: Solar and Wind More Expensive Than Recognized

One Man’s Money-Draining Bet on Climate Change

Let’s do follow the climate money!

Green scam sends academic to jail

Turbine Health Matters:

Study: Wind turbine radio/electromagnetic energy – the risk to human health

Solving a Turbine Noise Testing Mystery

Holidays& Light Pollution …and then this (short wind turbine video)

Adequate turbine setbacks needed

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Is allowing turbines to kill eagles, OK?

Dead Bats Are Changing People’s Minds About This Wind Energy Project

Archive: Biofuels turn out to be a climate mistake – here’s why

Study: Offshore Turbines Puts Rare Shorebirds at Risk

Sierra Club Endorsement of Wind Project, is Suspect

Miscellaneous Energy News:

41 Reasons why wind power can not replace fossil fuels

Wind Power Installation INCREASES The Growth Of Fossil Fuels

“Green New Deal” Is Neither New, Nor A Deal — It’s A Fraud

Flaws With a “Green New Deal” Part 1

Short video: Green New Deal

The ‘Green New Deal’ is the most radical plan in decades

Nuclear wins big in clean energy competition

Nuclear activity: UK, Russia, Japan, China and US all increasing capacity

There is no Holy Grail of Energy

Another report reluctantly admits that ‘green’ energy is a disastrous flop

NJ Board of Public Utilities Rejects Offshore Wind Application

Another Look At Fuel Mix

The 2018 Year-End Energy Quiz

New Study Spells Trouble for Wind Energy

Roadmap to nowhere: the myth of powering with 100% renewable energy

Wind Turbines: Malfeasance and Breach of Contract

4 Charts Expose Abominable Inadequacy Of Europe’s Wind Energy …”Power Collapses Within Minutes

Congress Giving Territories Control of Offshore Wind Project Permitting

Carbon Benefits of Managed Forests hits green power utilities in stockholder meetings

USAID still pushing Obama-era climate alarm

What Happened to Science

Renewables losing market share in Africa

Germany’s green transition has hit a brick wall

Can Germany revive its stalled transition to clean energy?

South Carolina offshore turbines possible training threat to the military

UK MoD contends that turbines would undermine military air defense

Californians Willing to Accept Emission Control Costs

Short video: Ion drive-the first airplane flight

A 2019 Resolution: Honesty in Energy Policy

The big bluff of the wind

Support for the Green New Deal?

MIT Report: The Future of Nuclear Energy

US Congress Overwhelmingly Vote To Modernize US Nuclear Fleet

US Regulators Confirm That Coal And Nuclear Closures Could Lead To Power Outages

Playing Host to Climate Conference, Poland Promotes Coal

The 100% renewable energy movement is unstoppable

Green wave staggers U.S. power utilities

Ohio citizens win fight against wind project

Federal policy on energy and the environment, 2017-2020

How Dare The Government Lawyers and Government Doctors Play God

We Don’t Mine Enough Rare Earth Metals to Replace Fossil Fuels

Down the Fracking Hole

How not to sign a wind turbine agreement

Native Americans assert their rights regarding siting of wind project

Miscellaneous New York State Energy News:

Upstate New York Is Rotting and Good Apples Are Leaving

NYS Now Codifying NIMBY Opposition to Fracking

Excellent short video: Two NY citizens testify to their County re Wind Energy

The Price of Ignorance: New York State’s Approaching Energy Disaster

NY Gov Cuomo calls for 100% carbon-neutral electricity by 2040 via Green New Deal

NY citizens petition state for renewable energy accountability

Thruway Authority sues maker of wind turbines that don’t work

New York Power Authority making $250 million investment to facilitate renewable energy

Manmade Global Warming Articles: 

500+ 2018 Scientific Papers Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

Climate Doom Ahead? Think Twice

Deficiencies In the IPCC’s SR15 Special Report

Contradictions to IPCC’s Climate Change Theory

Stop the Personal Attacks and Answer the Climate Questions

National Climate Assessment: A crisis of epistemic overconfidence

Bush, Macron and the Monumental Failure of Climate Politics

The Incredible Shrinking Credibility of the Climate Movement

GreenHouseGas Endangerment? Evidence?

Oreskes, Harvard and the Destruction of Scientific Revolutions

Video discussion: Jordan Peterson and Bjørn Lomborg

My experience at the German Bundestag’s Environment Committee in a pre-COP24 discussion

Climate Change: The Poetry of Dreams and the Prose of Reality

Doubling Down on Dread

Global Temps drop for third year in a row

Study: Reforming the Federal Bureaucracy

Is Fighting Climate Change Really Fighting Pollution?

Climate Change — Who Stands to Gain?

Are We Bored with Climate Change? [Yes!]

Follow the (Climate Change) Money

Global CO2 Emissions Hit Record High in 2018

Climate Skeptics — The Despised Minority?

Archive: Large CO2 Emissions from Batteries of Electric Cars

Facts rain on Pennsylvania governor’s climate-change parade

‘Climate Leader’ China Plans 200 New Airports

COP-Out: The Annual UN Climate Merry-Go-Round

China Was The Climate Champion Of Paris. Now It’s Doing A Complete U-Turn

Hell Freezes Over at Global Climate Crisis Confab

Official US Statement at COP24

Dangerous rules added to Paris Climate Accord

How Can We Address Climate Change? Here Are Three Ideas

Bogus climate change lawsuits need to stop

Big Data has Created a Big Crisis in Science

The Greenpeace Business Report

Report: ‘Climate Alarmism,’ ‘Propaganda’ Fill US Agency Websites

The world isn’t interested in groupthink obsession with global warming

Often Wrong, Never In Doubt – Six Ways Assumptions Mislead Us

Archive: Who’s the cleanest of them all?

Turning over a new green leaf

Climate change expert charged with choking his fiancée

Climatologist Explains Why IPCC’s Climate Report Wasn’t Adopted At COP24 Summit

US progressives express disappointment with new House climate panel

Good news — The big moves failed at the UN climate summit

Climate change denial is killing the GOP’s future

Victimhood Is A Disease

2018 Saw A Global Revolt Against Carbon Taxes & Climate Policies

Top 12 Debunked Climate Scares Of 2018

New National Geographic Documentary Highlights How Ill-Informed Climate Debate Has Become

‘Meet The Press’ Preaches Climate Change


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