Readers’ Choice: Best of Alexander for 2018

Posted on Thu 12/27/2018 by


The Mueller/Comey/Clinton Collusion to Take Down Trump

The claim of campaign-finance violations will fuel the Democrats’ relentless hounding of Trump over the next two years, as it fits with their “stolen election” narrative and is fodder for faux impeachment charges.

The Deconstruction and Repeal of the Second Amendment

There is a growing chorus of leftist calls to amend the 2A until they can rally enough populist support to fully repeal it.

The Trump Administration’s Extraordinary Midterm Record

This election is a referendum on Demo voter IQ and the MSM’s “Hate Trump” chokehold on their opinion. Will they vote against peace and prosperity?

The Democrats’ ‘Hate Trump’ Platform: Foment Fear, Anger and Division

The Democrats are systematically disuniting America and giving rise to leftist mob rule.

The Demo Degradation of American Patriotism

The greatest threat to the First Amendment and freedom of the press is the Leftmedia.

The Academy Awards for Hypocrisy and Narcissism

Here’s how clueless Hollywood is about women — it selected a serial misogynist to host its biggest celebrity confab.

‘Miraculously, We Found Bill’s Crash Site’

A personal account of three days in a Vietnam veteran’s life — separated by many decades.

Demo Party Leaders Don’t Care About Immigrant Children — Unless…

Demos don’t want a solution. They want fodder to undermine Trump’s economic policy success before the midterm elections.

Therapists Rebrand ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Trump’s election and his subsequent bombardment of the status quo resulted in an epidemic of cognitive dissonance on the Left.

Toxic Femininity and the #MeToo Mob: Weaponizing Emotional Distress

The manifestation of anger and hatred that defines toxic femininity is increasingly on shameful public display