Christmas Day Music – When A Child Is Born

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On this special day, the music video is When A Child Is Born and the song is performed here by the famed Australian band, The Seekers.

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This beautiful song, while not specifically mentioning Christmas, has become a standard for Christmas music across the years. It alludes to the impending birth of a special baby, and mentions a star on high to guide the way.

The song was originally composed in 1972 in Italy where it was known as Soleado, and it was just an instrumental melody. A couple of years later, English language lyrics were added by Fred Jay. With these lyrics added, the song was made famous when it was originally released by Johnny Mathis in 1976. The song only just made the Christmas songs chart in the U.S. and only went as high as in the 170s, so barely even a mention really. However, this song reached Number One in the UK popular music charts in December of 1976, and in fact was Johnny Mathis’ only Number One hit song in the UK. here it is reputed to have sold almost a million copies.

This song also has a history of being recorded by numerous artists, in fact, probably everyone who ever recorded a Christmas album. The English language lyricist, Fred Jay, also assisted in the writing process for a number of hit songs for the band Boney M, who also recorded a version of this song.

Here, the song is being sung by the legendary Australian band, The Seekers. There is no copy of the band singing the actual song, so this video just shows some footage of the band and also some Christmas images. The singer for this band was Judith Durham, and her voice is such an amazing instrument, so suited to this wonderful rendition of this song.

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