Australian Politics – Licensed Bullies Hijack Shorten

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By Andrew Bolt ~

It must be so exciting to be so morally superior that you can trample over the rights of others – including the right of the Leader of the Opposition and Australian Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten to address the members at the Labor Party conference who paid to hear him.

Check the anti-Adani extremist and the anti-borders activists who interrupted the start of Shorten’s speech, to the boos of the members:

When Mr Shorten finally strolled onto the stage… a protester, 25-year-old Isaac Astill, quickly appeared next to him. As Mr Shorten took his position behind the lectern, Mr Astill stood beside him and unfurled a banner bearing the words “Stop Adani”.

“Will you please stop the Adani coal mine? There are bushfires across Queensland, heat records are tumbling, the Great Barrier Reef is heading for a third bleaching event, we have to stop the Adani coal mine,” he said.

“Oh mate. Alright,” Mr Shorten said, before letting Mr Astill make his point…

But Mr Astill wasn’t done…

At that point, Mr Swan intervened, and a security guard removed Mr Astill from the stage…

But the fiasco continued, as more protesters appeared at Mr Shorten’s other shoulder…

“We’ll call for the escorts,” Mr Swan interjected.

“We’re Australia’s oldest political party. We have a proud history of democracy, we all understand the right to protest. But that doesn’t include the right to drown out the leader of the opposition. So could you please leave the stage?”

These were protestors against the detention of illegal immigrants, who forced security guards to drag them off stage.

True it is that idealists are so often just bullies with an excuse.

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