UN Attacks Chance For Peace (Again)

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According to Canada Free Press:

United Nations, Egypt and Jordan could scuttle Trump’s peace plan

by David Singer

President Trump’s long-awaited peace plan to end the Arab-Jewish conflict—slated for release by the end of January 2019—could be indefinitely shelved.This possibility has emerged following the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) failing to pass an American-sponsored resolution A/73/L.42 (“Resolution”) – condemning Hamas and other militant organisations in Gaza for indiscriminate attacks on Israel’s civilian population.

Protecting all civilian populations from the ravages of conflict and war was turned on its head when the Resolution failed to attract a two-thirds majority vote demanded by UN Arab-member states – rather than a simple majority argued for by America which was lost by a narrow margin of three votes.

The Resolution had sought to condemn Hamas—whose Covenant calls for the destruction of Israel – for the first time since Hamas was created in 1987. The Resolution served as a barometer to measure whether 134 of the 193 UN members comprising the Group of 77 would be prepared to support one pro-Israel humanitarian resolution being passed to break the cycle of over 700 UNGA anti-Israel resolutions their voting bloc had always guaranteed. Only 35 possessed the moral integrity to break ranks and support the Resolution, 32 abstained and 15 did not vote. -more

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