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Former Australian Foreign Minister, and Former Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop

By Andrew Bolt ~

Why wait?:  

Liberal insiders say Julie Bishop will retire from parliament just before the next election, despite speculation she might consider a career as opposition leader should the government lose the election, and despite the fact she has been re-endorsed for her seat of Curtin.

One theory in Liberal ranks is the former foreign minister is waiting until the last minute to announce what she is doing to prevent a move by future leadership aspirant Attorney-­General Christian Porter, whose seat of Pearce is on a 3.6 per cent margin, into the much safer Curtin.

It’s all speculation, but it sounds just like the wrecking we’ve come to associate with the Turnbull faction. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull lobbying to destroy the government, Julia Banks deserting after making unsubstantiated claims of bullying. What a miserable bunch.

The good news is that maybe the party is being pruned of the kind of people who led it into this mess.

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