What Else Does Burnside Believe That’s Clearly Bull?

Posted on Sun 12/02/2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Confirmation bias: when you are so desperate to believe Donald Trump is a moron that you will believe any crazy thing, no matter how obviously fake. And to think Julian Burnside QC is actually a lawyer!

How many signals are there in that one tweet that shout – SHOUT – that it’s fake?

  • “Argentena”
  • The OTT self-love – “They love me hear.”
  • “Hear”, not “here”.
  • Argentena (sic) is in Africa
  • the “BIG CROWDS” meme
  • “Have not seen them yet because I’m still in the bathroom”
  • “Done with the bathroom”
  • The account name – realDonaldTrFan
  • Other ludicrous tweets on that account.
  • The pinned tweet on that account:

That makes ten screaming warnings that this is a fake, yet this QC didn’t pick up on a single one.

Yet he’s the one still flinging around the word “moron”:

Personally, I’d be very, very wary entrusting a complex legal case to a man with this blindness to detail – if this is at all typical of his work.

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