The Reverse #MeToo

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By Andrew Bolt ~

It is even worse than I thought. Shame on the luvvies for so publicly disowning a woman who spoke up:

The nation’s top screen awards body sent a letter of apology, which a board member attacked as “obsequious” and “grovelling”, to Geoffrey Rush, begging the actor to return as its president, just weeks after the Sydney Theatre Company confirmed he was the subject of an inappropriate behaviour complaint.

“Grovelling” is right:

Three weeks after asking Rush to stand aside, AACTA asked him back, offering him “a heartfelt apology”.

Nine AACTA leaders wrote: “At a time when you needed and deserved our full support, we failed you, our president and patron … There are no excuses, other than erroneous judgment on our part … Your standing as the ‘prez’ of AFI/AACTA could not be higher … Put simply Geoffrey: We Want You Back … under any terms you may like to propose.’’

Take down their names:

The letter was signed by seven board members from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, including former NSW arts and tourism minister George Souris; agent Mark Morrissey; Foxtel presenter Margaret Pomeranz; actress Noni ­Hazle­hurst; and AACTA chief executive Damian Trewhella and chairman Alan Finney.

Hail the one defender of due process – the one who stood against the mob:

The only dissenting board member was TV producer Anita Jacoby, who saw the letter as “a grave mistake” and wrote: “I am perplexed as to why we would send such a grovelling apology at this time.’’…

“It can also be read as accepting that the STC accusation is false. We have no further information as to the veracity of the ­accu­sation, one way or the other.’’

The rest are true tribalists, as are so many of the arts “community”. Not brave individualists at all, which is the true mark of the creative genius.

And, of course, the true mark of the defender of the principle above the side.

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