Australian Politics – Left Trashes The Liberal Party, Right Gets Blamed

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, of the Liberal Left, lost 14 seats at the Federal Election. He called a needless by-election for his seat and ensured the Liberals lost it.

MPs, of the Liberal Left, blocked the leadership challenge of conservative Peter Dutton and installed Scott Morrison instead.

Kelly O’Dwyer, Julia Banks, Lucy Gichuhi and Julie Bishop, of the Liberal Left, falsely claimed the Liberals were bullies without offering a shred of evidence – either publicly or to the Liberals’ internal inquiry.

Victoria’s Liberals, of the Left, lost the state election.

Julia Banks, of the Liberal Left, walked out of her party and smeared it as anti-female.

Julie Bishop, of the Liberal Left, told her party to join Labor on global warming.

NSW power brokers, of the Liberals Left, drove out the respected Senator Jim Molan.

Yet I read this from journalists of the Left:

The radical Right has trashed the Liberal Party.

Some of the analysis going on is insane, and driven by blind hatred of conservatives.

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