Australian Politics – Victorian Election Result – Liberal Party Fail

Posted on Sun 11/25/2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

A Victorian Labor Party Billboard drags in the Federal Liberal Party

Victoria’s election was a disaster for the Liberal Party that has federal implications:

The incumbent Labor Party Government looks set to win at least 60 of 88 seats… The win is the biggest for the Labor Party since Steve Bracks won 62 seats in the 2002 against Robert Doyle.

The Liberals did win again after Doyle’s loss, but only after Bracks quit.

Repeating that comeback will take some doing unless the economy tanks. In the meantime there will be another four or eight years of the Left running the education system and the cultural institutions while the Liberals cast about for ideals.

Meanwhile, the Canberra Liberals have been sent a big, big message. Labor put up these posters with Dutton and Morrison knowing that voters were tarring them all with the same brush.

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