Australian Politics – Liberal Party Government Must Smash Former Prime Minister Turnbull On Global Warming

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The Coalition Government led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison must now leak material to discredit former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his global warming policies.

The logic is clear:

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull is trying to destroy the Liberal Party he once led.

Turnbull has already started to attack the Liberals on global warming,

The Labor Party yesterday backed Turnbull’s National Energy Guarantee – the global warming scheme the Morrison Government has since junked.

To win the election, the Liberals must back away from the global warming crusade of Labor and Turnbull and say they’ll cut power prices above cutting emissions.

Turnbull will on December 4 give a speech on “clean energy” and will almost certainly use it to criticise the Liberals.

Conclusion: the Liberals must smash Turnbull before he does them.

Suggestion: it starts by dumping and criticising this Turnbull folly:

The Coalition government’s Snowy 2.0 project — one of Malcolm Turnbull’s signature achievements — has been slammed as a “waste of money” that will not reduce energy prices or carbon emissions.

Frontier Economics energy experts Matt Harris and Danny Price [said:] “Importantly, we also find that the government’s costly Snowy 2.0 proposal does not deliver any price or emissions benefit. It is a waste of money.”

Mr Harris and Mr Price argue the project, which is projected to cost more than $4 billion, crowds out private investment and delivers “limited price benefit”.

“The impact of Snowy 2.0 on total emissions is negligible: emissions are marginally lower around 2025 and marginally higher by 2030, which is to be expected for a fixed emissions target,” the briefing note said.

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