Macron’s Insult Doesn’t Even Make Sense

Posted on Fri 11/16/2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Emmanuel Macron attacks Donald Trump:

Henry Ergas calls out the hypocrite:

Patriotism is… not a virtue one displays in the abstract: there must be something to which one is patriotic. And in the modern world, that is the nation. To be patriotic is, in other words, to love one’s nation.

And such a hypocrite:

After all, merely a week earlier, he had seemed to praise Philippe Petain, the World War I general who later capitulated to Hitler and willingly collaborated in the Holocaust. With that gaffe adding to a long series of missteps that have sunk Macron’s approval ratings to levels that make Trump’s look stellar, playing the anti-American card, which has always resonated in France, must have been irresistible.


Yes, Macron really is a such a hypocrite:

The French president responded Wednesday evening to President Trump’s scathing personal attack on him, declining to lash out and instead taking the long view….

“I do not do policy or diplomacy by tweets,” he said.

Note tweet above.

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