Australian Politics – These Are Not Liberals

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By Andrew Bolt ~


every so often, I need to add the reminder that here in Australia, The Liberal Party Of Australia is the major party from the Conservative side of the political fence…..TonyfromOz.

No real Liberal party could embrace global-warming socialists: 

Maybe it was the silver Birkenstocks, thumb rings and Get Up shopping bags that gave away the unusual nature of the gathering of north shore Liberals at the Cremorne Orpheum movie theatre.

Or maybe it was the “Time’s Up, Tony” bumper stickers in the carpark.

Then again, the movie they had come to see, Naomi Klein’s anti-capitalist climate agitprop “This Changes Everything”, was a dead giveaway that this was not really a group of Liberals, but a green Trojan horse.

Michael Photios and his faction are gutting the Liberals so completely of intellectual integrity that the party may have to split to be fit for purpose once more:

NSES (North Shore Environmental Stewards) is run by branch members loyal to NSW moderate MP Felicity Wilson, whose state electorate North Shore overlaps Abbott’s. Wilson is a protégé of dreaded lobbyist and moderate faction powerbroker Michael Photios, whose wife Kristina quit the Liberal Party two years ago in protest over federal climate policy …

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