Australian Politics – Kevin Rudd Joins Malcolm Turnbull In Denouncing US in Indonesia

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

This is extraordinarily reckless and, in my opinion, disloyal from two former and bitter ex-Prime Ministers.

First it was Malcolm Turnbull:

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has warned the Government relocating Australia’s embassy in Israel would be met with “a very negative reaction” in Indonesia, following talks with the country’s President.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

Now a second former Prime Minister goes to Indonesia, a Muslim country, to denounce Australia’s policy to other Muslims:

Kevin Rudd has savaged Scott Morrison’s proposal to consider moving Australia’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, describing it has “foolhardy”, and warning it could lead a new wave of violent protest in the Middle East…

“As a former prime minister and foreign minister of Australia, I would call on Prime Minister Morrison to abandon this foolhardy position.”…

The comments are contained in a major speech Mr Rudd will deliver in Jakarta on Thursday titled “The US, China, & ASEAN : Can The Right Equilibrium be Found?” and come after another former prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull recently warned of a “very negative reaction” from Indonesia if the proposal to move the embassy and to diplomatically recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is implemented.

Talk about rewarding violence:

“There is a grave danger that the further alienation of the Palestinian people from a long-term homeland of their own in a permanent Palestinian state will result in further radicalisation, and over time the launching of a third intifada,” he will say, referring to an uprising against Israel.

What is it with Rudd and Turnbull? If they have a problem with their country’s foreign policy, then say it in Australia. Don’t go to Muslim countries with a history of anti-Australian terrorism and stoke up Muslim resentment.

But why are so many former and present Australian political leaders so reckless in preaching against us, or in siding with those who threaten us?

Take Victoria’s Socialist Left Premier:

Pressure is growing on Premier Daniel Andrews to release details of a secret trade and infrastructure deal he signed with China on the eve of the state election campaign.

The confidential agreement has put Victorian Labor at odds with the federal government, which is moving to boost its presence and spending in the Pacific amid concerns over China’s increasing influence.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has criticised Mr Andrews’ deal, saying it sends “mixed messages” and undermines federal foreign policy…

Chinese state-run media has celebrated the deal with Victoria as a way to bypass a federal government more worried about “national security and ideology”.

Just to remind Andrews of the nature of the regime he is helping to strengthen:

France, Germany, the United States, and other Western countries called on China on Tuesday to close down political re-education camps that Uyghur activists and human rights experts say hold one million Uyghurs and other Muslims.

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