Trump Haters Helping Trump

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Two things in the US mid-term elections should wake up the Left. First, Donald Trump is actually a strength for the Republicans, not a weakness. 

In rally after rally, President Donald Trump exhorts throngs of red-hatted supporters to treat next week’s congressional elections as a referendum on Trumpism and the grass-roots movement that swept him to power.

“You’re voting for me in 2018,” Trump told a raucous crowd in a late September appearance for Republican candidates in Missouri. “You’re voting for me.”..

The president remains enormously popular with that base – Reuters/Ipsos polling gives him an 84 percent approval rate among Republicans…

Trump’s approval in the Rasmussen poll is now up to 51 per cent – higher than Barack Obama’s 48 per cent at the same point of his own presidency, despite the furious media campaign against Trump.

Which leads me to the second point that the Left – and the media – should note.

The Left’s growing violence and hatred is scaring a lot of voters. Check the mileage that the Republican’s new ad campaign is making of it:


This morning:

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