Climate Change Australia – ABC Preaches Warming, Ignores Science

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The ABC today continued its fact-free, shiny-eyed hyping of global warming.

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But scientist Michael Asten, a retired president of geophysics, says what the ABC won’t:

Australians do not appreciate the level of doubt about IPCC science in the science community. We agree the global climate has warmed in the past century and CO2 is contributing to it. What is in doubt is the relative contribution of natural variations and anthropogenic CO2…

At seminars this year, I have met colleagues working in association with the CSIRO who are aware of differing views within that organisation. They tell me management “discourages” challenges to the IPCC consensus. So, do such views not reach the Science Minister as he helps shape our national response?

The government is under pressure from the IPCC to join in the decarbonisation efforts it recommends, supposedly to restrict the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C by 2100. I will leave to others the debate over the cost to Australia of abiding by the Paris Agreement — the potential loss of jobs, energy prices and the loss of energy-intensive industries.

But external costs also will be large; the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change has a goal for its Green Climate Fund to spend $US100 billion annually from 2020, with Australia having been “assessed” as responsible for 4.25 per cent of this cost… If we accept this obligation from the UNFCCC, we are saddling our children and grandchildren with an obligation for $A60bn across a decade..

One scientific example clearly illustrates the controversy within the science.

The global temperature record supplied by the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia for the years 1850 to 2010, can be compared against climate models accepted by the IPCC; the fit, as noted in IPCC assessment reports, is good enough to satisfy the IPCC and validate its modelling.

However, Nicola Scafetta, of the University of Naples, who has studied natural cycles of climate change in multiple peer-reviewed papers, has taken a closer look at that data and found natural cycles of change embedded in it. After building those natural variations into a set of the same-climate models, he obtains a statistically better fit between observed data and modelling.

In particular, the temperature slowdown, or “pause”, post-2000 fits Scafetta’s models. They are fascinating since they forecast future global warming to be about half of that used by the IPCC in its demands for urgent action to avoid climate disaster.

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