Australian Politics- Shock: Sharma May Yet Win

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By Andrew Bolt ~


Here, be aware that where it mentions the Liberal Party, here in Australia, this is the major party from the Conservative side of the political divide.

This is similar to a special election in the United States where a sitting member vacates his seat before a scheduled General Election. This seat of Wentworth was held until recently by the former Prime Minister, Malcolm Tutnbull, and upon being deposed as Leader of the Party, and therefore the Prime Minister, he promptly resigned from politics, meaning his seat of Wentworth had to undergo a By Election to elect a new member. The Liberal Party pre-selected Dave Sharma as its candidate, and a high profile Independent, Dr. Kerryn Phelps also ran in the seat, and at close of counting last night, she was considered to have won the seat, claiming victory, and Dave Sharma later conceded that it was unlikely he could win. Andrew continues below……TonyfromOz

The Liberals may yet win Wentworth: Dave Sharma is winning an astonishing 64.4 per cent of the postal votes (after preferences), after winning just 48.3 per cent of votes at the ballot box. This has so far slashed Kerryn Phelps’ margin to 884 votes.

At the end of last night’s count, Mr Sharma’s primary vote was at 39.9 per cent, with Dr Phelps on 33.1 per cent, putting her in a position to leapfrog Mr Sharma with preferences from Labor’s 10.9 per cent primary, the Greens 9.3 per cent, and those of other independents.

But with postal votes expected to favour Mr Sharma, the gap appears to be narrowing, with Mr Sharma’s primary having increased to 42.99 per cent.

But it also suggests that the Liberals’ last week of campaigning disasters were critical to the result.

More heat then goes on Prime Minister Scott Morrison personally. This can’t just be written off as a pro-Turnbull protest.

The AEC:

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