Australian Politics – Polls Not Good Enough

Posted on Mon 10/15/2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Two polls confirm the Australian Government led by Prime Minister Scott Morrison remains way behind Labor, for all the talk of gaining momentum.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Newspoll has Labor leading 53 per cent to 47. Ipsos puts it at 55 to 45.

To repeat: Morrison has been a success at selling himself. Now he has to sell some policies.

Praising Morrison for dragging up the Liberal vote in Newspoll from the very worst hole just after Turnbull was dumped is gilding the lily:

The Coalition’s sustained political recovery comes ahead of ­Saturday’s critical by-election in Mr Turnbull’s former Sydney harbourside seat of Wentworth.

The result is terrible. There has been no bounce as there was when Malcolm Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott. The Liberals cannot lazily assume that a small improvement on its awful worst is proof that it’s on the right track.

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