Another Point of View: Judge Brett Kavanaugh Now On The SCOTUS

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By Lars Hagen ~
Good News:  Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now the 9th member of the SCOTUS!
This is critically important because if appeals to the SCOTUS from the Obama-Circuit Courts are a 4-4 tie, then the Circuit Court positions are deemed law.
The Democrats have willfully, and with malice aforethought, denigrated a distinguished Jurist and the Court itself.
The Democrats almost succeeded with their Sharpton-Twana-Brawley persecution and lynching of Kavanaugh.
The Republican’s stayed together and played good defense ‘for a change’!
The Winners of the brawl were:
R-Sen-Maine Susan Collins who not only voted correctly, but, also gave a very comprehensive summary of the Democrat’s UnAmerican Jihad against not only Kavanaugh but the Constitutional Process we use to select nominees to the Court (throwback to Bork and Thomas).
R-Sen-Ky Mitch McConnell whose leadership is now the gold standard for how Republican Representatives should be governing.
The Losers of the brawl:
R-Sen-AK Lisa Murkowski who caved to Obama’s-Resist Fanatics.
D-Sen-Cal Feinstein who disgraced herself and the US Senate by her deceitful and fraudulent handling of the Blasey-Ford memo.
D-Sen-NY Schumer who used every dirty trick and every radical outburst to defame Kavanaugh and denigrate the Process.
The Democrat Senators who know Kavanaugh is a proper choice for the SCOTUS but caved to the Obama-Resist Movement anyway.
The Biggest TakeAway:
The Obama-Resist Movement, both within and without the government, and with the aiding and abetting of the DNC and the PravdaMedia, have employed open sedition to undo the 2016 election of Trump.
Their Rabid unfounded attacks on Kavanaugh were focused and predicated on their plan to Impeach Trump after the 2018 election in November.
Their Impeach plan was based on control of the Senate and SCOTUS (a 4-4 split on the SCOTUS places the Obama-9th Circuit in control of our legal system and would setup a major Constitutional Crisis).
(Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia was the sole Democrat to vote “yes.”  —ed note)
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