Hateful Hyatt: Hotel Chain Bows to SPLC Mob, Bans Conservative Groups

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By Gabriel Hays  ~  

On Thursday, Brigitte Gabriel’s organization ACT for America took to social media to reveal that Hyatt Hotels had barred the group from usage of its facilities for a conference at the behest of lefty groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In a letter posted to Twitter, ACT’s grassroots director Thomas Hern slammed the Hotel chain for buying into a Soros-funded smear campaign. Hern wrote, “Earlier this week, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation issued a statement declaring that their company would no longer be hosting ‘hate groups,’ after a well-coordinated, Soros-funded smear campaign was launched.”

Hern listed the groups who contributed to this smear campaign, such as theMuslim Advocates, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the fraudulent Southern Poverty Law Center. ACT pulled no punches, saying that the hotel chain has tarnished its credibility by falling in with reactionary leftists.

“By taking this stance, the Hyatt Hotels Corporation has become complicit with the radical left’s attack on freedom of expression. By accepting the SPLC’s definition of a “hate group,” Hyatt is telling millions of Americans they are no longer welcome in their hotels.”

The SPLC has called attributed the “hate group” moniker to ACT due to their critical stance against Islam. Keep in mind that this is the same SPLC that inspired a murderous plotagainst members of the Family Research Council in 2012, after the conservative group was placed in the SPLC’s “hate map.” In a September article, Newsweek wrote:

The SPLC identifies ACT for America as an “extremist” hate group that has “undoubtedly grown to become the largest anti-Muslim group in America. ACT for America is listed as an anti-Muslim hate group because it pushes wild anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, denigrates American Muslims and deliberately conflates mainstream and radical Islam.

Official sounding? Maybe. Justified? Not really. The SJWs and progressives over at the SPLC can’t handle any criticism of Islam, even if it’s a check on its more extremist tendencies. Well, let no one forget that the SPLC can’t handle any criticism of the left’s position whatsoever without throwing their indignant “hate-group” classification around. It’s gotten to the point where even some establishment media have acknowledged that the SPLC might be the hate group.

Politico pondered the real motives behind the SPLC when they considered the opinion of Cornell law professor William Jacobson. Jacobson claimed that “the group has wrapped itself in the mantle of the civil rights struggle to engage in partisan political crusading.” The Family Research Council has also warned that in this way the SPLC is “endangering lives.” Of course that’s what happens when you radicalize the mob into hating groups because they are of a different political persuasion.

Hern slammed Hyatt for even entertaining the “legal group’s” point of view, saying, “Had Hyatt done their research, they would have found that the Southern Poverty Law Center has raised millions of dollars from attacking regular conservative organizations.” And he clarified that Hyatt’s actions are not defending any marginalized groups, but attacking good and honest Americans.

It’s “a decision to ban all freedom loving, flag waving conservative Americans from their hotel chains.” Hern mentioned that ACT hopes that Hyatt will “reverse their decision” because at the moment they seem to be “falling prey to the fascist tactics of the left.”

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