Latinos Not Singing Democrats’ Tune?

Posted on Wed 09/26/2018 by


Hispanics aren’t as anti-Trump as divisive Democrats would like them to be.

That coming Democrat “blue wave” maybe more the stuff of leftist daydreams than future reality, especially with reports that one of the identity groups Dems are counting on to turn out in big numbers come November might not. While Democrat voter enthusiasm has been high among women, another demographic group Dems have historically counted on is showing signs of being less enthused: Latino voters.

Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report writes, “Latino voter drop-off in midterm elections is nothing new, but the thinking was that President Trump’s rhetoric and policies around immigration, especially the issue of separating children from their parents at the border, would be a catalyst for higher Latino engagement in 2018. At this point, however, recent polling by New York Times Upshot/Siena College and Monmouth University, suggests that’s not the case.”

This should not be that surprising given the fact that Trump’s boomingbooming economy has lowered unemployment levels to record lows across all demographic groups, especially among Hispanics. So with record-high employment coupled with the fact that Latinos in general are not culturally radical leftists, what would motivate Latinos to vote against Trump?

By the way, Trump’s rhetoric on securing the border has not alienated a majority of Latinos, a fact demonstrated by a recent special election in Texas. As Texas Monthly reported, “Republican Pete Flores, backed by endorsements from [Gov. Greg] Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, [Sen. Ted] Cruz and … John Cornyn, won a stunning upset victory over well-known Democrat Pete Gallego in a San Antonio special election to capture a state Senate seat. The election was to fill the remaining term of disgraced former state Senator Carlos Uresti, who resigned his seat after being convicted in federal court of eleven felony charges. This marks the first time a Hispanic Republican has been elected to the Texas Senate and the first time the Senate has had twenty-one Republican senators.”

We’d like to think that Hispanics appreciate a president who enforces the law. Millions of Hispanics are law-abiding and don’t appreciate what 22 million illegalshave done to their communities.

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