Trump Announces New Cybersecurity Strategy

Posted on Mon 09/24/2018 by


This is the first update in cybersecurity in 15 years, and it is focused on America first.

On Thursday, the White House announced a new cybersecurity strategy for the nation, the first in 15 years. The announcement noted, “This Administration will not treat cyberspace as a separate arena. Instead, we are integrating cyber into all elements of national power. Structuring the National Cyber Strategy around the four pillars of the National Security Strategy reflects and advances this approach.”

And those four key pillars are, 1) Protect the American people, the homeland, and the American way of life, 2) Promote American prosperity, 3) Preserve peace through strength, and 4) Advance American influence.

Following the 2016 election, in which it has been confirmed that the Russians and other foreign entities successfully engaged in acts of cyber crime such as the hacking the DNC’s emails, it is fully appropriate that President Donald Trump work to shore up clearly lagging defenses for the nation’s cybersecurity.

This announcement also flies in the face of the Democrats’ and Leftmedia’s favorite narrative of Trump being a puppet of Moscow. In fact, Trump has regularly acted in a manner that promotes the sovereignty and security of the U.S. above that of other nations, as any good president should. And he has also not shied away from confronting Russian aggression, proving once again there is little to support the Democrats’ Russian collusion narrative.