Australian Politics – Liberal Party Bounce From The Floor. Bishop Moans

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Some good news for the Liberal Party, but still way behind:

The Coalition’s vote rose two points to 36 per cent while Labor’s fell to 39 and they trailed 46 to 54 on a two-party preferred basis, according to the latest Newspoll published in The Australian on Sunday night.

Mr Morrison increased his lead as preferred PM to 13 points over Labor leader Mr Shorten by 45 to 32 per cent.

Mind you, that Two Party Preferred vote is a correction from the absolute pits.

Former Australian Foreign Minister, and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop

Meanwhile, the former Deputy Leader of the party, and also the former Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop keeps complaining, as if she really does want this change in leadership to fail. Like Turnbull, she seems to think that a party not led by her is not worth voting for:

Bishop, who chose not to re-contest the Liberal deputy leadership when former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was dumped, said Australia was now a laughing stock internationally.

“I’ve had many calls from my counterpart foreign ministers who are very politely asking why I am no longer the Foreign Minister and what happened to the Prime Minister,” she told Channel 9’s political editor Chris Uhlmann.

“There have been some rather unkind comments about Australia being the Italy of the South Pacific and the coup capital of the world.”

Zeroing in Question Time, Bishop said the cacophony in the chamber was so loud it had a physical impact on the body and could be “intimidating”…

“There’s far too much throwing of insults and vicious behaviour, name-calling and the like. And the public see that as no better than schoolchildren. In fact not as well-behaved as schoolchildren.”

Bishop was deputy Liberal leader for 11 years and never said or did anything about what she claims only now is a problem.

Does she want to be the first pity-voted leader of the Liberals? Is she wanting some other prize plum – Governor-General? – in exchange for her silence?

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