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By Anton Lang ~

Our big move is finally (well, almost) over. We are now relatively well settled into our new home. It took a little longer than I expected to get our new home sorted out, but now it is almost completed. The computer was one of the last things I sorted out, mainly because I had no desk to set it all up at, and everything else was more important. That problem of the computer desk was solved by a visit to Ikea, and I was surprised how easy their furniture is to construct, and also how sturdy it all is. They supply it all in ‘flat pack’ boxes and you construct it yourself, and it proved to be quite easy to do. We have used Ikea for four pieces of furniture now, mainly for the purposes of storage, as we had to shoehorn our ‘stuff’ into less space.

The area we have moved to is one of what is now a Southern suburb of our State Capital, Brisbane, and we now live at Beenleigh. When our family moved here to Queensland when I was still a child, in 1960. Beenleigh was a medium sized town around 20 or so miles South of Brisbane on the main highway to the Gold Coast, and that highway went through Beenleigh. In those days, that Highway was just two lanes, one North and one South. Now, Beenleigh has been bypassed by the M1 Freeway to the Gold Coast, an eight lane Freeway.

I have to get used to living again in an urban environment, and perhaps the biggest part of that is the traffic, which is a huge amount larger than it was when we were living in Rockhampton, so, while I always paid attention when I was driving, I now have to pay even more attention.

We are still finding our way around, and it’s a good thing that our son and his wife live near us, well, next door in fact.

It’s an odd thing for the both of us to move into an apartment, after spending 38 years of our life together in houses with a garden, but with our approaching old age, it was probably better to make this move now, while we still can do it.

Moving home is supposed to be one of the most stressful times in your life, and this has proved to be the case with this move, and that age factor only added somewhat to the stress.

As to getting back to contributing Posts here at our blog site, I’ll be back doing that quite soon really.

I did mention in my daily electrical Posts that I would be catching up on the missing days when I started back here, but as that has taken a lot longer than I expected, I now have more than five weeks to catch up, and with each Post taking a couple of hours, I have considerable doubts that I actually can catch back up. So, instead of attempting to do that, I will just start the whole process over, and that will be from this Tuesday with Monday’s data from here in Australia.

However, with the weekly Base Load Posts, I really do want to catch up on that. Even though I have more than one year’s data, what I really wanted to do was to have four consecutive Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter without having to split the Winter data across two years. So, that will entail finishing off the week I had started before we left, and three more weeks of daily data. Luckily, I have the major data sources I use who keep data for all days, so it’s a matter of just chasing all that up, and then copying it into each of those new weekly Posts.

Now, why I wanted to do this was to make a Post at the end of those Posts showing the variations between the Seasons, so I needed to have the four consecutive Seasons for more relevant data. That may take me a week or so to compile all that, and I’ll just Post each one as I finish it over that time, and a week or two after finishing that, I’ll make the post showing those differences.

All in all, the time away from blogging for me may have actually been a good thing, as the only other ‘break’ away from it that I have had was a little more than eight years ago, when we moved TO Rockhampton.

All I have to do now is remember the sequences I did things in, but I’m sure it will all come back to me.

Anton Lang uses the screen name of TonyfromOz, and he writes at this site, PA Pundits International on topics related to electrical power generation, from all sources, concentrating mainly on Renewable Power, and how the two most favoured methods of renewable power generation, Wind Power and all versions of Solar Power, fail comprehensively to deliver levels of power required to replace traditional power generation. His Bio is at this link.

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