Least We Forget – 9/11

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Fleeing the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers

We are still at WAR with those who are trying to destroy America.

Whether it’s the minority Islamist Muslim Jihadists murdering innocents to accomplish their plans for world domination, or those Muslims using Political, written and verbal (debates, lectures) means to accomplish these ends.

There are organizations here that support terrorists financially; the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are two of the largest in this country.

We must be vigilant. Keep aware.

I’ve read that about 40% of Muslims worldwide do NOT support Islamist terrorism either by murdering people or financing those who do.

In this country I think the percentage that do not support terrorism is much higher.

In fact there are Muslim organizations and individuals who are against Sharia law. They believe in our Democracy and do  want separation of Mosque and State.

Be alert!




There are those using politics to change our great country from a Democratic Republic to a Socialistic/Communist one. Most are Democrats and some are Muslims. Both want total control over you.

The War for our Freedom is not over. Get out and vote to keep on Making Our Country Great Again!

Freedom is not free.

As JFK said, years ago, Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Let’s get the D.C. Swamp drained. And term limits for all of Congress. (Sign for approval of the Article V, Convention of States which can change the term limits, etc.)


9 11 2001 tribute never …



The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.



May God forgive us and continue to Bless us and heal our country.