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Sep. 6, 2018


“Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression.” —James Madison (1788)

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  • An NYT op-ed purports to reveal electoral sabotage inside the administration.
  • A Kavanaugh photo was staged to do maximum damage.
  • The Catholic Church’s problem isn’t with pedophilia but with pederasty.
  • Levi’s is the latest corporation to turn against the Second Amendment.
  • Daily Features: Top Headlines, Memes, Cartoons, Columnists, and Short Cuts.


The Cowardly, Anonymous White House ‘Resistance’ Insider

Nate Jackson

Voters elected Donald Trump to drop a metaphorical bomb on Washington. He’s done just that, and members of the professional political class — the establishments of both parties and the bureaucrats lurking in what has become known as the “deep state” — have no idea what to do about it. So these folks resort to dropping bombs on Trump, as if that will matter to his supporters. Such is the case withBob Woodward’s forthcoming book, and that in turn was perfectly set up by a quickly infamous and anonymous New York Times op-edyesterday by “a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure.”

Profiles in courage right there. Or at least profiles in good marketing. Consider The Washington Post’s leaks of Woodward book excerpts and this NYT op-ed as the Leftmedia’s one-two punch on Trump, which just happened to come during the week of Senateconfirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Frankly, this op-ed utterly lacks credibility until we know who wrote it. If it’s a Cabinet-level secretary, that’s one thing — and a very big problem. If it’s some third-tier staffer who doesn’t even interact with Trump but does have a Napoleon complex, well, that’s something else. We don’t doubt this person’s identity will be revealed (and we’ll bet Woodward knows who it is), but there’s at least one thing already known beyond the shadow of a doubt: Whoever this is clearly thinks a lot of himself.

The author reveals three overarching and important things. First, Trump has accomplished an awful lot. “Many of [the administration’s] policies have already made America safer and more prosperous,” he writes. Those accomplishments include “effective deregulation, historic tax reform, a more robust military and more” — all things important to Trump’s base and all conservatives.

So why the complaints? Well, that’s the second thing. Trump is, the author alleges, driven by “misguided impulses,” “amorality,” and “not moored to any discernible first principles that guide his decision making.” We in our humble shop have written these very criticisms, but voters chose him knowing it all full well because he was precisely the man to send to drain the swamp. Again, that’s a job he’s capably doing, too.

Yet that brings about the third thing. The author confesses to working with other “adults in the room” to save Trump from himself. They allegedly remove papers from his desk, hear him give instruction and then do something else, and are secretly working “to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.” The author even speaks of “early whispers … invoking the 25th Amendment,” the process for removing a president mentally or physically unfit for office.

“This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state,” the author insists. Wrong. That’s precisely the definition of the deep state — a cabal of unelected bureaucrats, officials, and career staffers who are working to undermine the president of the United States. It’s what David Harsanyi calls “electoral sabotage.” And this pathetic op-ed is not so much “Never Trump” as “Never America.”

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Kavanaugh Handshake Snub Was a Dem-Created Setup

Thomas Gallatin

In their ongoing campaign to obstruct President Donald Trump at every turn, Democrats have been digging deep into their bag of tricks. This week’s objective is to derail the confirmation of Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a man who by all measures has proven himself to be a fair judge with a brilliant judicial mind. In other words, he’s just the type of person all Americans who hold the Constitution in high esteem should want sitting on the nation’s highest court. But clearly, Democrats and their increasingly hard-left base want little to do with constitutionally consistent jurisprudence. No, if a justice doesn’t commit to standing in support of leftist causes, then that person must be declared “unfit” for the job.

But it’s difficult to label a man as evil if nothing in his history supports such a conclusion, so Democrats and their Leftmedia cohorts must manufacture a smear with the hope that it will taint a good man’s reputation enough to promote their own agenda.

A classic example of this smear campaign was demonstrated at Kavanaugh’s first day of hearings on Tuesday. After being delayed by numerous leftist protesters, the hearing was interrupted numerous times by protesters randomly shouting statements against Kavanaugh and Trump. As we previously noted, it was a circus. So, within this clearly hostile environment, a designed moment was staged to rattle Kavanaugh. As the hearing broke for lunch, a man suddenly jumped up to shake Kavanaugh’s hand, but Kavanaugh, clearly unfamiliar with who the individual was, did not return the shake in part because he was turned around by security and escorted out.

The scene was captured by a press photographer (just as intended), and it went viral on social media. The stunt man wrote, “Just walked up to Judge Kavanaugh as morning session ended. Put my hand to introduce myself as [Parkland victim] Jaime Guttenberg’s dad. He pulled his hand back, turned his back to me and walked away. I guess he did not want to deal with the reality of gun violence.” So Kavanaugh is really not a nice guy, you see, and he doesn’t care about “gun violence.”

Once again there is much more to the story that reveals both motive and who was behind this whole smear. Fred Guttenberg, the father of a victim of the Parkland attack, was invited to the hearing by none other than Demo gun-grabber extraordinaire Dianne Feinstein. After the hearing, she bragged, “I invited Fred Guttenberg to sit in the audience at today’s hearing because the Supreme Court affects the lives of real people. He knows firsthand how Brett Kavanaugh’s extreme views on guns could lead to more massacres. Thank you Fred, for honoring your daughter.”

And Guttenberg himself was no mere gullible pawn of the Democrats. On Monday, Guttenberg wrote, “I will be at Kavanaugh hearings and I hope to play a role in ensuring that this man does not become the next Supreme Court Justice.” Play a role, indeed. This whole event was a classic Democrat setup, orchestrated to smear Kavanaugh.

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