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Forget the Paris Agreement, says William Kininmonth, former  supervisor of climate services in the Bureau of Meteorology and a consultant to the World Meteorological Organization:

It is time to re-evaluate our national commitment to the Paris Agreement and its requirement for emissions reduction. As a nation, are we pauperising ourselves in a cause that is now demonstrably false?…

It is also worth noting that the observed 1.2oC per century rate of global warming of the lower troposphere is less than the lowest model projections. A continuation of this rate of warming would not exceed the 1.5oC aspiration of the Paris Agreement until the 22nd century.

The observations point to recent warming being a result of internal variability of the climate system and not anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide. A reversal of the cyclic warming trend that has been evident since the early 17th century would mean that investment in emissions reduction has been and will continue to be a wasted effort. The nation would be left with an expensive but fraught energy infrastructure based on wind and solar, and with social infrastructure for education, health, etc. continuing to be substandard because of a misallocation of resources.

The government must recast its energy policy and focus on availability and low cost. This is the only way to redress the ongoing misallocation of resources that is depriving infrastructure and social services. A key factor underpinning national prosperity must be relatively cheap and reliable energy.

James Delingpole says its climate scientists, not climate science, that he doesn’t trust:

Just occasionally, though, a more balanced study does slip through the net — like the one just published by a team from Oxford University. The study by Nathan Cofnas et al — Does Activism in the Social Sciences Explain Conservatives’ Distrust of Scientists? — pours scorn on the idea that conservatives are any more anti-science than lefties. It’s not science they distrust so much as scientists — especially ones in more nebulous, activism-driven fields like ecology or sociology. As Cofnas told Campus Reform, a site that exposes left-wing bias at universities: ‘Conservatives are right to be sceptical. Take any politicised issue that is connected to some disagreement about scientific fact. I do not believe there is a single case in the last couple of decades where a major scientific organisation took a position that went against the platform of the Democratic party.’ He added: ‘What an odd coincidence that “science” always, without exception, supports the liberal worldview.’

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