Trump vs. Sessions + Culture Wars

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By Gary Bauer ~ 

It is truly unfortunate that President Trump and Attorney General Sessions don’t have a better working relationship. Jeff Sessions was the first senator to publicly endorse Donald Trump and he is a solid conservative. 

When it comes to immigration, judges, and religious liberty, conservatives have no better friend than Jeff Sessions, and I consider the attorney general to be a friend of mine.

That said, the statement Sessions released in response to the president’s complaint that he did not have control of the Justice Department was mind-boggling. I sincerely hope that someone else issued that statement in his name and without his knowledge.

Sessions said he would not tolerate political interference at the Justice Department. But with all due respect to my friend, the Justice Department is out of control.

That is why Sally Yates was fired. That is why James Comey was fired. That is why Andrew McCabe was fired. That is why Peter Strzok was fired. I don’t understand why this special agent hasn’t been fired, but it is yet another example of an agency run amok.

The department’s inspector general recently issued a report that found significant bias at the Justice Department.

As a former member of Congress, Jeff Sessions knows that Congress has oversight over the Justice Department. And he surely knows that senior members of his department have desperately tried to avoid and deliberately evaded that oversight. Even under threats of subpoena, contempt, and impeachment.

The most egregious acts of obstruction of justice in Washington today are coming from the Justice Department itself!

The situation is so bad that Sessions even had to bring in a U.S. attorney from Utah to help sort it all out. By the way, has anyone heard from Mr. Huber lately?

If Jeff Sessions had simply included these points in his statement, it would have been 1,000% better. Perhaps it was implied in his remarks about demanding the highest standards.

But that’s not how the left-wing media interpreted his statement. They hailed it as a slap at the president.

On Fox News, Molly Hemmingway perfectly captured my thoughts on the DC swamp. She said:

“There are two groups of people in this country: People who have wanted to get rid of Donald Trump since the moment he won [the] election and people who chose to vote for him because he said he would advance their agenda. That latter group is extremely happy, probably pleasantly surprised with how well things have gone.

“The first group, it doesn’t matter what the details are. They’re just moving to get rid him by hook or by crook.

“The fact that people can see this — that we live in a swamp where if you have the right connections you get away with crimes and if you don’t they’ll go after anybody, anyway, anyhow, whatever it takes to get rid of the president — is a credibility problem for those institutions that are supposed to practice the rule of law.”

Speaking of the Rule of Law…

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney tweeted this week that the convictions of Paul Manafort and the guilty plea of Michael Cohen had “confirmed my faith in our justice system and my conviction that we are a nation committed to the rule of law.”

Sadly, Gov. Romney has it exactly backwards.

Did Manafort and Cohen commit crimes in their personal business dealings? It looks like it.

Did any of it have anything to do with Russian collusion? Not a thing.

The ONLY reason they are being nailed to the wall now is because the Deep State is targeting Donald Trump and trying to overturn the election.

How on earth do these political prosecutions confirm Romney’s confidence in the rule of law?

And that is why Republicans couldn’t get back into the White House until Donald Trump came along.

There are far too many people in Washington who are abusing the system and getting away with it. For example, there is an entire program in Congress to pay off women alleging sexual harassment and make them go away.

If Michael Cohen and Donald Trump violated campaign finance laws, then every single member of Congress who used this slush fund should be charged with campaign finance violations. And, by the way, that’s your tax money!

Mitt Romney is a very decent man. I would be thrilled to have him watch my grandchildren. But in the political arena, he could barely handle Candy Crowley.

Do we really expect him to be the warrior we need right now to take on and defeat the radical Left? I don’t think so.

Credit Cards & the Culture Wars

Here we go again… The Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing hate group, has reporte7dly convinced Visa and MasterCard to cut off the David Horowitz Freedom Center, essentially shutting down its ability to raise money online.

This is yet another disturbing example of the Left turning corporate America into active combatants in the culture wars as it tries to silence conservative views.

Progressives are operating on two fronts. They are using antifa mobs to shout down conservatives, and they are using corporations, whether it is social media or payment platforms, to lock out conservative organizations and voices from the public policy debate.

The Left is fundamentally opposed to free speech and increasingly intolerant. It does not want to win the debate. It wants to stop the debate.

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