Climate Change Australia – Let Them Suffer For The Planet

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By Andrew Bolt ~

No wonder Fairfax Media  is about to be no more, when doom-preaching journalists blithely argue for higher power prices for no measurable climate gain.

Nicole Hasham, environment and energy correspondent for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and WAtoday:

Of course Australia badly needs to end the time-wasting climate policy wars. Yes, power bills are hurting households, and a large chunk of our electricity supply rests with a suite of rickety coal-fired power plants soon due to retire.

But the stakes are unthinkably high in the world’s big gamble with climate change…

All faith, no reason.

These matters, she leaves unaddressed:

  • warming has been much less than predicted.
  • warming seems overall beneficial, bringing record crops, fewer cyclones and more rain overall.
  • cutting our emissions will make zero measurable difference to the climate
  • emissions cuts drive power prices
  • poor can’t afford electricity.

To ignore all this and to burble the platitudes I’ve quoted suggest this is religion talking, not reason.

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