Gaza: Primitives At War. Let It Fail

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The Bird, Found Hanging From A Tree

Signs of a primitive culture where destruction is prefered to development, hate to hope: 

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have used kites, balloons and flaming condoms to try to start wildfires across the border in Israel – and now a bird, according to Israeli authorities.

A falcon, outfitted with a harness tied to a steel wire with flammable material at the end, was found hanging in a tree near the Gaza border, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority said in a statement Tuesday. Inspectors putting out a fire nearby found the dead bird Monday afternoon, the authority said.

They fight like primitives, with primitive technology, while the world donates billions that were meant to help them develop:

According to the US Consulate in Jerusalem’s website, the United States has been the largest donor of aid to the Palestinians since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1994. This aid has totaled around $600 million annually in recent years…

From 2014, after the Hamas leaders of Gaza launched terror attacks on Israel and were bomed in self-defence:

International envoys pledged about $5.4 billion in aid for the Gaza Strip at a meeting in Egypt on Sunday, Norway’s foreign minister said.

Despite billions in aid, Gaza still is a low-tech swamp of hatred. Caroline Glick may be right: let it fail:

It is not in America’s interest, and it certainly is not in Israel’s interest, to assist Gaza’s terror regime in any way.

This means there should be no push to develop Gaza economically…

In January 2006, five months after Israel withdrew its citizens and military forces from Gaza, the Palestinians went to the polls… Hamas won the election in a rout in Judea and Samaria and Gaza.

In polling conducted in the aftermath of the elections, the Palestinians said they elected Hamas because they share its values and convictions. The main reason they gave for electing Hamas was support for its pledge to govern in accordance with Sharia law…

The U.S., Europe, and much of the Israeli left ignored popular support for Hamas’s goal of transforming Palestinian society into an Islamic, jihad-supporting society…

On Sunday, Israel’s Channel 20 news counted nine separate terror campaigns that Hamas has launched against Israel during its 11 years in power in Gaza. It has squandered hundreds of millions of dollars in international humanitarian assistance to build a massive terror infrastructure. It has built an arsenal of mortars, rockets, and missiles that now have a range to hit nearly all of Israel…

To defend against Hamas, while minimizing civilian casualties in Gaza, Israel has — with American assistance — spent billions of dollars and devoted its best minds to developing defensive weapons like the Iron Dome system, which enables it to intercept Hamas projectiles. Each Iron Dome battery costs $100 million. Each Iron Dome missile costs $50,000.

The mortars it shoots down cost $500 apiece, at most.

Over the past four months, Hamas has developed an even cheaper weapon: arson balloons and kites. For the cost of a nickel per kite and a penny per balloon, Hamas has burned more than 7,400 acres of farmland and nature preserves.

Setting 11 fires a day on average, Hamas balloons and kites have caused 750 fires in Israel since Hamas embraced environmental terror as a key weapon. Israeli farmers and suffered $2.2 million in losses and four nature reserves have been destroyed….

The second basic flaw in the idea of developing Gaza is revealed by the Palestinian reaction to Hamas’s aggression… A poll taken in the last week of June by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research shows that while the Palestinians in Gaza and Judea and Samaria think Hamas’s current campaign against Israel has failed, they are unified in their support for continued Hamas rule in Gaza…

Hamas’s strategy for governance is fairly straightforward. It depletes and pollutes Gaza’s water supply and fails to pay the electricity bills, bringing about a near total absence of electricity in Gaza. It uses all of Gaza’s resources to build and maintain its terror infrastructure and operations against Israel. And when things become impossible to maintain, it launches a new operation against Israel.

Israel constrains its response to minimize civilian casualties on both sides. For that, Israel is condemned by the UN, CNN, the BBC, and the rest of the international left. Israel agrees to a humanitarian ceasefire and permits Hamas to receive hundreds of millions in humanitarian aid, which Hamas then diverts to rebuilding and expanding its terror infrastructure, leaving just enough to ensure the population doesn’t starve…

There is a better option. It is based on a simple insight…

Simply put, if the U.S. stops supporting humanitarian aid to Hamas and its loyal supporters, Hamas’s economic model of governance will be destroyed. The economic incentive to attack Israel will be defeated.

Andrew Bolt writes for the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and The Advertiser and runs Australia’s most-read political blog. On week nights he hosts The Bolt Report on Sky News at 7pm and his Macquarie Radio show at 8pm with Steve Price.

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  1. YES, Andrew Bolt, Excellent idea!
    OK, pay attention America and end our aiding of Terrorism with our Money $!!!!!
    Australia recently showed how easy it is to stop supporting EVIL!
    Now Congress and President Trump DO IT NOW!!!!!



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