Australian Media – ABC Complains: We’re Just Three Times More Green

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The ABC’s fact-check unit has ruled as “flimsy” a claim by Professor Sinclair Davidson that ABC journalists seem nearly five times more likely to vote for the Greens.

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But its defence actually confirms our suspicions of ABC bias (my bold):

University of New South Wales statistician Jake Olivier compared the survey results with those of Newspoll over the same survey period, and found ABC journalists were 2.4 times more likely to vote for the Greens.

But Davidson shows why the ABC’s defence is what’s flimsy, and the bias is worse. Read it all.

For instance, and note for a start that the 2.4 figure claimed by the ABC is actually 2.9, when using Olivier’s more sophisticated analysis:

[The] RMIT-ABC Fact Check unit … has now neglected to include Jake Olivier’s full analysis. Let’s go to the tape: “Using this model, he calculated that ABC journalists have a 2.9-fold increase in the odds of preferring the Greens over Newspoll respondents, with a 95 per cent confidence interval between 1.6 and 5.2”. That range includes our estimate of nearly five time (actually 4.74 times). Note, however, we didn’t use Newspoll – we used actual election results.


The ABC’s fact-check unit is headed by Russell Skelton, husband of ABC presenter Virginia Trioli. (both pictured) Did Skelton consider using her own bizarre political views to illustrate the leanings of ABC presenters?

Did Trioli, who protested against Howard and made “he’s-mad” signals when interviewing Barnaby Joyce on TV, vote Socialist or Labor? Like [then ABC boss Mark] Scott, I just don’t know. But I do know that whatever way they voted, their ideological leanings are to the Left, and if Scott doesn’t know that, too, he is remarkably ignorant….

Has he never heard Trioli opine on his airwaves that the September 11 attacks were possibly the work of the FBI and the correct way to deal with Osama bin Laden was be “sitting down with him, treating him like a human being and talking about it, and then Osama bin Laden going home again, not bombing the hell out of bin Laden?”

Hmm. Sounds like a Greens voter to me. Has Trioli ever declared her political leanings, as she’s demanded of her more conservative guests?

But ABC chairman Justin Milne, Malcolm Turnbull’s good friend, claims he cannot see bias at the ABC.

Is that because he never watches it?

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