Boris Johnson Quits Over Brexit

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Britons voted to quit the European Union, and the Prime Minister may pay for not taking that seriously:

Boris Johnson has resigned as foreign secretary amidst an extraordinary attack on the Brexit plans of Prime Minister Theresa May, claiming it is a “semi Brexit’’ which could send Britain to “the status of a colony’’.

Mr Johnson (pictured) has warned that Mrs May’s plans for Brexit would make it more difficult for the country to do free trade deals, a situation highlighted by the US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, who said a US-UK bilateral agreement — whether there is one or not “is totally up in the air at this point’’…

Mr Johnson’s resignation was leaked by 10 Downing Street — an extraordinary development — just hours after the Brexit secretary David Davis also quit, saying he was unable to sell Mrs May’s soft Brexit version.

Mrs May’s office has insisted the prime minister will fight any attempt to oust her if the required number of 48 Conservative MPs called for a leadership contest…

Mr Johnson’s letter … tells Mrs May … “the result that we appear to be heading for a semi-Brexit, with large parts of the economy still locked in the EU system, but with no UK control over that system…”

Two junior Brexit ministers have also quit.

The swamp is drowning the will of the people and, with it, British sovereignty.

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