The Academics Who Prove We Need Western Civilisation

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, the Academics opposing a grant to teach Western civilisation at Sydney University show why it’s actually needed.

Kevin Donnelly:

The most recent attack by Sydney University’s National Tertiary Education Union — condemning the proposed Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation for pro­moting a “triumphalist and selective vision of European and Anglo-American history and culture” — proves how many of our universities no longer embody a liberal view of education. And given the academic background and expertise of a number of those opposed to Ramsay, it’s obvious why they have such a jaundiced view.

Nick Riemer, who appears to be a driving force behind the opposition, specialises in semiotic theory… In addition to what is a decidedly postmodern area of study, ­Riemer’s publications also reveal a cultural-left inclination. Titles include The Roots of Islamophobia in France, where he argues hostility towards Islam, instead of being caused by terrorism, “grew out of elites’ need to manage working-class resistance”.

Riemer’s other publications deal with the plight of refugees on Manus Island and “why racist John Howard doesn’t deserve an honorary doctorate”.

Linda Connor, who co-wrote the attack on Howard with Riemer, is also not an academic specialising in Western civilisation. Research interests include a “study of environmental change and energy transitions” and her qualifications include a PhD in anthropology dealing with “fieldwork in Indonesia, on transformations in Balinese religion, and ritual, healing and spirit possession”.

Professor John Frow[‘s]… research interests include “cultural studies”, “post-structuralist theory” and “the sociology of literature”. Publications include Marxism and Literary History.

Fiona Lee, also within the ­Department of English, expresses an interest in teaching prospective students about “critical theory, particularly in the areas of post­colonial, race/ethnic, gender, and queer studies”.

Not to be considered passe, Olivia Oliver-Hopkins, who also signed the letter opposing Ramsay, lists her research area as ­“examining the significance of the southern imaginary in modern American horror film through the lens of queer theory”.

Not reassuring at all.

No wonder such people are hostile to the teaching of Western civilisation, or, as Matthew Arnold once put it, “the best that’s been thought and said”.

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