Illegal Immigration – Europe’s Tampa

Posted on Tue 06/26/2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

In August of 2001, the Howard Government in Australia turned back the Tampa and its cargo of illegal boat people. Now it’s finally Europe’s turn:   

Spain says it will not accept the Lifeline rescue boat left stranded in the Mediterranean after its rejection by Italy and Malta…

Spanish Economic Development Minister Jose Luis Abalos said on Monday that his country would not offer docking to a NGO boat carrying some 230 migrants rescued at sea, saying Spain could not “become the sea rescue organization for all of Europe.”…

Italy closed its ports to Lifeline on Thursday, the second time it has rejected an NGO ship in recent weeks. Malta also disclaimed responsibility for the boat

Spain took in the first ship, the Aquarius, that was turned away by the two countries…

Abalos said Spain could not “take on this responsibility alone.” He said Spain’s acceptance of the Aquarius had aimed to draw attention to the problem of rescued migrants, but that a political solution was now needed.

Europe seems to be going through a big attitudinal shift to taking in so many illegal immigrants from rival cultures.

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