Climate Change Australia – Prime Minister Turnbull’s Carbon Tax Hits Hurdle

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s objection to this carbon tax is the better: 

Labor is warning that a government proposal to impose 10 years of legislated emissions cuts on the electricity sector will be too weak and will undermine its support for Malcolm Turnbull’s signature ­energy policy, which also faces the prospect of a backbench rebellion led by Tony Abbott…

Details of the national ­energy guarantee released last week ­revealed the 100 biggest users of electricity — those with a peak load of more than 5 megawatts — would be accountable for the reliability of supply, sparking concern from the Ai Group and Energy Users Association of Australia.

Mr Abbott yesterday signalled he could oppose the proposed ­NEG even if it was approved by the COAG energy council in ­August. He likened it to a “carbon tax in disguise” …

This is a policy to punish big energy users and to effectively subsidise green power, all with zero effect on temperatures and with costs passed on consumers. Why is the Turnbull Government doing it?

Simon Benson:

Likening the national energy guarantee to a carbon tax was a naked attempt from Tony Abbott to raise the stakes in his personal battle with Malcolm Turnbull.

It was a pointed reminder to colleagues that Turnbull has been down this road before…

Many of Turnbull’s colleagues … have been prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt over the NEG, based on assurances from Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg that it would not be an energy intensity scheme.

But the release of the draft ­detail design report for the NEG — the nuts and bolts for how it will work — appears to have confirmed that it will indeed be an EIS, if not by name then by its effect…

Even Labor has confirmed that, as far as it is concerned, it is an EIS, to the extent that it will adopt it and inject it with steroids because it doesn’t think it goes far enough in the setting of emissions targets.

This is the political danger with which Turnbull is now presented. He and Frydenberg will be asked to explain to the Liberal party room today why they think it won’t be an EIS, after promising that it wouldn’t be.

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