Hillary In Australia – Has Any Election Loser Made Such A Career From Whingeing?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Has any other loser of a presidential election made such a well-paid career of whingeing about it?:

Mrs Clinton told a packed Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Thursday … how she was ‘pummelled’ by her political opponents who left her with brutal trench scars.

Tickets for this moan-fest cost between $195 and $495.

Alternatively, for just $27.31 you can order Shattered, in which two Clinton sympathisers describe how Clinton threw away the election by running a campaign so inept and clueless that she never even got around to figuring just why she was running in the first place.

Of course, that’s something you wouldn’t hear in her well-paid night of complaints about Trump, the media, the Russians, men and the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy:

Ms Clinton said the forces at work during the 2016 US presidential election, which she lost to Donald Trump, were still around.

She said the Russian interference was more than alarming…

Before being joined on stage by former prime minister Julia Gillard, Ms Clinton also said the only way to get sexism out of politics was to get more women into politics.

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