Australian Politics – The Budget: ABC Media Funding Cut

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By Andrew Bolt ~

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A promising start, but no more:  

The Government has announced it will freeze the ABC’s annual funding indexation for three years from July 2019, costing the organisation $84 million.

ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie said freezing the indexation amounted to cutting the broadcaster.

She said the $84 million cut would be compounded by a decision to cut $43 million in funding for news and current affairs.

She said the decision would make it very difficult for the ABC to meet its charter requirements and audience expectations.

The article then went on to say:

The Labor Party’s communications spokeswoman Michelle Rowland called the budget a test of the Prime Minister’s commitment to public broadcasting.

She said the ABC cuts meant he had clearly failed the test.

The total annual funding from the public purse for the ABC (Australia’s National Broadcaster) is $1.2 Billion.

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