Katy Tur Confesses: I’m Not Sure There’s Any Smoking Gun Of Collusion

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By Tim Graham ~


this short video is taken from an Australian TV show called Q&A, and it is shown every Monday night on the National Broadcaster, the ABC. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Even though the ABC is chartered to be even handed in its political reporting, it is quite blatantly left in nature, and is one of the most strident of the Australian media outlets in its Anti Trump reporting. The Moderator of this Program is Tony Jones, the white haired moderator who asks the original questions at the start of this video. He is also anti Trump in virtually everything he does and says about him. You don’t have a mortgage on anti Trump reporting in the U.S. and as you can hear with his questions, nothing has changed…..TonyfromOz.

Matt Vespa at Townhall reports MSNBC host Katy Tur expressed doubt about whether Robert Mueller is going to find collusion in his investigation of the Trump campaign’s associations with Russians. In an Australian interview, her questioner brought up “the holy writ of the Mueller investigation” [!] and that “a lot of people are hoping it will lead to an indictment” (of Trump).

First, he mentioned the possibility of Oprah running against Trump in 2020, and Tur gave a small digression into how Democrats need to figure out if they need a scrappy Joe Biden to get down into the mud with Trump or an unemotional policy wonk who takes the high road.

“As for the Mueller investigation,” she then declared, “As an American, as a citizen, I am fascinated to know what he finds. I’m not so sure that he’s going to find this smoking gun of coordination or collusion. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.”

Liberals rarely admit when one of their beloved scandals isn’t exactly blossoming. In this case, it’s possible Tur was simply trying to tell her “Holy Mueller” interviewer from Down Under that he should calm down a bit about his expectations. Tur then suggested that the “solution” to defeating Trump isn’t necessarily in court, but in convincing Trump voters to abandon him.

Tur said “The question is not what he finds, but how damning does it need to be to convince five, ten percent of the hard-rock 30 percent of Americans who believe in Donald Trump and who think the Mueller investigation is a bunch of BS that it’s real and that it matters. And until we can get to a point where we can chip off that certain ‘I’m going to believe in you no matter what happens, we’re gonna be in a rough situation. I just don’t know how it ends.”

Don’t miss the royal “We” in “we can chip off” Trump’s supporters. This is exactly how the liberal media elite is functioning. It’s their mission to end the “rough situation” of Trump being in power.

Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters. He is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center.

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