Australian Politics – Okay Now For Prime Minister Turnbull, But Abbott Can’t Say It

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Back in 2015:

Malcolm Turnbull has delivered a slap-down to Tony Abbott for lecturing European leaders over their refugee policies as he arrived in Berlin.

Abbott last month used a speech in London to urge European leaders to copy his tough policies against people smugglers by turning back boats at sea and denying entry to asylum seekers who have passed through other safe countries…

Phil Coorey says this today on Prime Minister Turnbull’s current visit to Germany:

Turnbull has advised the Germans that the key to successful multiculturalism was border security.

Reader Peter of Bellevue Hill says this:

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Andrew, this is just another example of the different standard Turnbull sets for himself and the one he sets for Abbott.

More on that 2015 slapdown of Abbott for saying the perfectly obvious:

Malcolm Turnbull says he has no intention of giving Germany gratuitous advice about how to handle the flow of asylum seekers from the Syrian conflict.

The Australian Prime Minister used the opportunity of a joint press conference with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, in Berlin on Friday to publicly rebuke recent commentary from his predecessor Tony Abbott.

At that earlier time Abbott advised Europe to take on Australia’s tough border security policies or risk “catastrophic error”.

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