Australian Politics – Just Blame Abbott, Malcolm

Posted on Sun 04/22/2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

Another shocking week for the Australian Government led by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Time to blame Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott again.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

It’s clearly his fault of the AbbottAbbottAbbott that:

  • shocking evidence at the royal commission showed Malcolm Turnbull was wrong to protect the banks from an inquiry for so long;
  • the who- cares National Energy Guarantee – a non-solution to soaring power prices – got kicked down the road again by the State Premiers;
  • the Treasurer got into a brawl with Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack, who’d unwisely predicted Morrison would be a “Santa” in the next Budget;
  • Financial Services Minister Kelly O’Dwyer embarrassed herself in failing 10 times in one interview to explain why she and the Government had once attacked the idea of having a royal commission into the banks, and whether she now regretted that.
  • Ron Boswell, former Nationals leader in the Senate, called for the government to buy the Liddell power station if that’s what it took to stop it closing, or issue contracts for a similar sources of steady power.

Just blame the AbbottAbbottAbbott. Much easier.

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