Australian Politics – China Warns Australia

Posted on Thu 04/19/2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

A worry as China gets touchier: 

China’s ambassador to Australia has warned that the relationship between the two countries has been marred by “systematic, irresponsible and negative remarks” about China, and trading ties could be damaged if the situation is not repaired.

In a frank interview with The Australian at the Chinese embassy in Canberra, Cheng Jingye said Australia needed to do more to “increase mutual trust” in its ties with China.

“If there is a growing lack of mutual trust, in the long run it may have some undesirable impact (on trade relations with China),” Mr Cheng said.

Speaking in London, where he is attending the CHOGM summit, Malcolm Turnbull played down Mr Cheng’s threat, with an assurance that Australia and China shared a strong relationship that was getting better…

“From time to time there are differences in the relationship, if there are ups and downs, it’s from a very, very high base,” the Prime Minister said.

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