Making A Game Of Going Broke In Queensland Australia

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By Andrew Bolt ~


Over the last eleven days, The Commonwealth Games have been held here in Australia, on the Gold Coast in Queensland. These Games are in fact quit large, probably second only to the Olympic Games when it comes to all round sport. While you may think that it is a small competition base, there are 53 separate Nations in the British Commonwealth of Nations, and this Games event saw 71 separate teams competing. Australia, the home Country this time round won the most medals with 80 Gold medals and 198 Medals in all. There were 39 Countries which gained medals, and five Countries won their first Gold medal during these Games. It was an immensely popular Games, and these Games are referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’. While the event itself, the eleven days of sporting events went very well, this closing ceremony was in fact a disaster, and while they were present, the athletes themselves seemed to have been forgotten. Half of the athletes, and in fact more than half the crowd left before the ceremony was even completed. Andrew continues…..TonyfromOz.

The appalling closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games might not be the real problem, although it’s got the most attention:

Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie has apologised for breaking tradition by not celebrating the athletes properly in the closing ceremony, admitting it was a “stuff-up” and that “we got it wrong”.

Australia’s team, lead by inspirational para-sports legend Kurt Fearnley, barely got a look-in during the ceremony, which featured a medley of songs by mid-level Aussie artists.

But there may be a bigger problem.

Cost of staging the Games:

$2 billion.

Queensland’s Budget deficit:

Queensland’s debt is set to pass $80 billion despite a “debt action plan” forming the centrepiece of the ­Palaszczuk government’s two ­previous budgets.

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