Australian Politics – China Bullies: No Visas For Our Government Ministers

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By Andrew Bolt ~

China is acting like a thug, with bullying tactics that should make us worry even more about its influence here:

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and President Xi Jinping

China has gone cold on Malcolm Turnbull’s government over recent anti-China rhetoric, reportedly refusing to grant visas to senior ministers.

Prime Minister Turnbull this morning admitted there was “some tension” in the Australia-China relationship after his government introduced laws to crackdown on foreign interference and espionage.

But he refused to outright say his ministers were having problems gaining visas to enter China.

“I wouldn’t say they’ve been declined,” he told Melbourne radio 3AW in an interview where he appeared to select his words very carefully…

“All I would say is there has clearly been some misunderstandings and mischaracterisations of our foreign interference legislation in some of the Chinese media,” Mr Turnbull said.


China’s leadership has been so incensed by the Turnbull government’s rhetoric about China that it is regularly refusing visas to ministers and the major Australian annual showcase of trade and business in China looks certain to be abandoned this year…

The Australia Week in China expo usually features business and political leaders visiting China for a celebration of Australian products and has been promoted as a great example of the strong ties and trading opportunities between the two countries.

Austrade had originally been planning on this occurring in May. Despite sources in Canberra telling The Australian Financial Review that Mr Turnbull still plans to attend mid year, there is still no date set for the event and would-be participants in China no longer expect it to occur.

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