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Today’s music video is Wasted On The Way, sung here in this clip by the American Supergroup Crosby, Stills and Nash.

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A couple of weeks back, I mentioned how there were Rock and Roll ‘family trees’, not family members in bands, but how any musicians moved from band to band during their careers. It became prevalent in the UK during what is referred to as The British Invasion, but it happened everywhere, and this group of musicians were no exception.

While the song I have featured today is from their seventh studio album, released in 1982, this group first formed in 1968.

David Crosby was one of the founding members of The Byrds who had their first monster smash hit with their famous cover of Bob Dylan’s Mr Tambourine Man.

Stephen Stills was one of the founding members of Buffalo Springfield, who had a pretty huge career for three years, with three albums which sold well, and a number of minor hits as Singles.

Graham Nash was one of the founding members of the UK group The Hollies, one of the biggest bands in England, and in fact all across the World. They had a couple of Number One hits and around 15 of their songs inside the Top Ten, keeping in mind that during this time, The Beatles were at their peak.

In 1967, David Crosby was pushed out of his band, and Stephen Stills was also out of a job, as Buffalo Springfield had disintegrated in 1968. These two were friends and had started playing together. Both of them were vocalists and also songwriters as well. Graham Nash was in the U.S. nd was in the same place as David Crosby and Stephen Stills. He asked if he might join in with them on a song just written by Stephen Stills. The three immediately realised that their harmonies worked so well together, so they decided to form a loose association, which ended up as a full band. All three wrote songs and when they performed them, they worked so well. They recorded an album, self titled with just their three names, and it sold really well, and had a couple of Singles lifted from the album which also sold well, and also rose up the charts. The trio were now pretty much set.  However, when they decided to tour, they found they were short handed. They got a drummer for the album, but most of the musical instruments were done by Stephen Stills, who played guitar, lead guitar, Bass guitar, and did the keyboards as well. Needing a fourth member, the obvious choice was Neil Young, who was also a member of Buffalo Springfield with Stephen Stills. He joined the band but only on the proviso that he got equal billing, so their name became Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

The tour was a monster success, sold out everywhere, and spawning a Live Double Album, which sold off the shelves in huge amounts. Neil Young was the perfect fit, and they recorded their second album with him, which was even huger than their first album, this one selling more than 8 million copies, and having two huge Singles lifted from it.

Neil Young was at the beginning of is own quite successful solo career, and his next two albums assured him of a huge career.

At the same time, the other three members, Crosby, Stills and Nash also started what was to become successful solo careers.

Every so often they got back together to bring out a new album as a group, and each time it did well.

They performed in every connotation imagined, Nash with Crosby, Crosby with Stills, Stills with Nash, and Stills with Young, and Neil Young also did another couple of albums with the three of them as well.

This song I have featured today, Wasted On The Way is taken from their fourth studio album as the three of them, that album titled Daylight Again, and released in 1982.

While the three main members are the album, there was a virtual who’s who of names who appeared on the album. Just on this featured track, they were joined by Timothy B Schmitt, a former member of the Eagles, and he sang harmony vocals and also played guitar as well.

The album was a surprise success and sold almost 2 million copies over the years. However, it was their last album to chart, and while they still recorded, they were nowhere near the act they were in earlier years.

There are a couple of videos on that you tube site which show the three of them singing this song together, but here I have selected this plain video with no footage of the band at all, because this song on this video is the album cut for this song, and what it does is highlight the beautiful harmonies that these three famous names have always had when performing together.

Funnily enough, Neil Young’s Harvest was the first album I purchased from this famous group, one of his solo albums, and from then on, not only did I get hold of every Neil Young album I could, I also chased up most of the albums recorded by this group in nearly all the combinations I could find, and other than more than 20 albums I have of Neil Young’s I have 16 albums by all of the others as well.

They just made such beautiful music together.

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