Australian Politics – Good Question, Best Not Asked By Tony Abbott

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Hurting Turnbull more than helping himself in an interview best not given:

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Abbott has declared “life is not fair” as the Turnbull Government prepares to notch up 30 bad opinion polls — the same number reached by Mr Abbott when he was dumped as leader.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph as a poll milestone approaches, Mr Abbott called on his colleagues to explain why he was booted from office after losing 30 consecutive opinion polls to Labor in 2015.

“As for that particular metric, that was not my metric and it is for others to explain the rhyme or the reason in it, “ Mr Abbott said.

“Life is not fair. We know that.”

I know the first paragraph turned an observation into a complaint. but that was always the risk when speaking on a topic best left to others to opine on.

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