Australian Politics – Prime Minister Turnbull’s 29th Losing Opinion Poll Is His Most Grim

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By Andrew Bolt ~

His 29th losing Newspoll is damning for Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.  

Two thirds of voters say they don’t like Labor’s latest tax plan, but Labor’s primary vote still goes up – and the Government remains 47 per cent to 53 behind. It seems nothing will persuade a lot of voters to choose Turnbull.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

As I said last week, Labor gave the Liberals a free kick with this policy – but Turnbull refused to take it. He gave just one press conference in one week to criticise Labor’s tax plan. Then came the Batman byelection and the moment was lost.

It is taking a terrible long time for Liberal MPs to wake up. So many valuable months have slipped by already:

Late last week senior Liberal MPs were privately predicting an electoral backlash against Labor to be reflected in the Newspoll figures, with the hope that it would trigger a political revival for the Coalition.

“If we don’t get a bounce out of this we won’t get a bounce from anything … (Shorten) has effectively gone out and said to a million people, ‘I’m going to rob you’,” one senior Liberal MP said.

“You would expect at least a two-point movement.

“If we don’t it suggests that the vote is so baked in that it doesn’t matter what Shorten goes and does to people.”

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