Australian Politics – Hubris Is A Fatal Labor Party Policy

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Paul Kelly is right about the Australian Labor Party’s massive tax grab and the ACTU’s (Australian Council of Trade Unions) lunatic campaign against casual jobs:

ACTU Boss Sally McManus

Australia’s progressive alliance — Labor and the trade unions — keeps getting more radical and making more risky bets that the Australian public will follow it.

ACTU chief Sally McManus issued an extreme and naive agenda for workplace transformation this week…

This follows Labor’s imputation credits policy the previous week that creates a large number of losers…

The prospect that Labor will now pledge to repeal tax cut laws — if the Turnbull government succeeds next week in passing its corporate tax cut initiative — will only accentuate the mounting risks for Labor.

The progressives are provoking their opponents, taunting a political beast they assume is slouching to defeat. They risk igniting a broad alliance of small and large business, investor, retiree and aspiration voters against them. The sheer degree of financial redistribution intensifies the stakes.

Labor risks through overreach making conservatives care about saving the Turnbull Government.

Or as Kelly puts it:

Forget whether Malcolm Turnbull has been inept at maximising the policy differences between Labor and the government. That was yesterday’s debate. As Labor and the unions go radical the job is being done for Turnbull.

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