Australian Politics – Eight Ways For Prime Minister Turnbull To Make The Disaster Worse

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Fairfax reporter Mark Kenny suffers from an understandable confusion. He apparently believes the Turnbull Government is a Labor one, because most of his eight tips for “saving” it would drive it even further Left – and over a cliff.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

And the rest are useless.

1. Explain company tax cuts

Good luck with Turnbull selling anything. And selling tax cuts for business when real wages have fallen – and bracket creep has risen for years – is a way to announce you just don’t get what voters are feeling.

2. Rein in the coal obsession

Give in the Left’s obsession with global warming instead? And see electricity become even more of a luxury item for the poor? Watch the Liberal base come after Turnbull with pitchforks and the Nationals revolt.

3. Immigration.

…A two-pronged strategy could involve new requirements for immigrants to reside and work in parts of the country where labour is in short supply and where infrastructure is not already stretched to capacity… [P]rotect a highly successful and generous migrant intake…

That is such a Turnbull-type policy. Recognise a problem and then produce everything except the obvious solution – a cut in the massive immigration intake. Propose unworkable bandaid fixes instead.

4. Release the Coalition agreement

Who the hell out there cares? The Coalition would just be inviting the media to spend another few weeks belting it and stoking up internal tensions. None of the talk would be about helping millions of voters.

5. Reconciliation

…Prepare a national unifying statement on Indigenous reconciliation that offers to reopen discussions about an advisory voice.

Giving in to the new racism – and this massive and deliberate distraction from the real crises in Aboriginal Australia – would be a terrible surrender of conservative and Liberal values. Turnbull would split his party, and seem a flake for going back on his clear opposition to this race- based advisory Parliament, Doing so would also have the Government run smack into the overwhelming suspicion voters have of these attempts to divide us. The Liberals would in fact have more success by opposing this “advisory voice”.

6. Regional Australia plan

What else do the Nationals do but yammer about just this? Doing even more will not save a single one of the Liberals’ city seats.

7. Gender targets

The Liberals’ performance on getting women into Parliament has been disappointing. While Labor could nudge 48 per cent if Ged Kearney secures Batman next weekend, Team Turnbull is going backwards.

Seriously? Voters are upset that more women aren’t Ministers? And appointing a couple more would save the Government? Talk about a Beltway issue. Worry more about female voters, not female politicians.

8. Campaign finance reform.

As the biggest donor at the July 2, 2016 election, Turnbull benefitted from the absence of a real-time disclosure requirement for donations. Anyone who thinks his eye-watering $1.75 million gift to the Liberal Party made no difference is delusional. Ditto its secrecy. Imagine the likely voter hostility had news of such a donation been reported in the last week of the campaign – bearing in mind the Coalition’s one-seat majority. Instead, it was not disclosed until months after the election, long after it mattered.

Kenny saves his dumbest idea for last.

I agree – we need near real-time disclosures of donations before an election and not after. But the one example Kenny gives is of a disclosure that would have hurt the Liberals and not helped. Where in Kenny’s discussion is any mention of attacking Labor instead for its rivers of union gold?

No, this advice to the Liberals is written by a Fairfax reporter who simply wants a Labor government, whether led by Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten.

If Liberals were mad enough to follow this advice, they would be destroyed – first by their own and then by the voters.

Andrew Bolt writes for the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and The Advertiser and runs Australia’s most-read political blog. On week nights he hosts The Bolt Report on Sky News at 7pm and his Macquarie Radio show at 8pm with Steve Price.

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