Energy And Environmental Newsletter – February 19th 2018

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

End of federal wind industry handouts is long overdue

Solar giants getting stronger as opponents struggle to fight back

Report: White House to ask for 72% cut in renewable energy programs

Propping up renewables is phony economics

Why a Carbon Tax Does Not Work

Wind project did not increase value of Orangeville (NY) farm property

Research into mountain wind projects: major risk to visitor economy

Turbine Health Matters:

Wind projects are disrupting our way of life

Citizens sue Ontario over wind turbine noise

State Says Monitoring Energy Projects Is Not Realistic Without More Money

Putting fossil fuel “pollution” into perspective

Noise pollution linked to heart disease

Solar panels could be a source of GenX and other perflourinated contaminants

Some say noise, vibrations from wind project are unbearable

The Divide Between Wind Turbines and Noise Control Engineering

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Wind project under criminal investigation for bat and eagle deaths

Minnesota Company Helps Protect Farms from Wind Projects

How thousands of carcasses were deliberately missed at wind project

500+ Organizations Urge Congress to Defend Bird Protection Law

A Free Pass To Kill Birds? Migratory Bird Treaty Act Under Threat

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Oklahoma: America’s No. 2 wind producer, sours on the industry

Nebraska: a proposal to remove wind power’s ‘renewable’ designation

Maine: a proposed law amending wind energy regulation

Environmental Illusion and a Public Swindle

The Legal Shakedown Of US Energy Industry Is Flagrant Abuse Of The Courts

37,000+ Homes Without Power – Welcome To Your Wind Powered Future!

Performance of New England Power Grid During Extreme Cold

With winning energy policies, Trump is exporting freedom around the globe

Gov Cuomo’s Latest Green Power Fiasco

Global Investment in Renewable Energy Has Stalled

US oil output surges to new record highs

Maine bill would gut wind energy streamlined permitting process

Michigan Town Passes Two Year Wind And Solar Moratorium

New Hampshire denies permit for wind project

Waite Park (MN) approves one year wind and solar moratorium

NY Town Upgrades its Wind Ordinance

Governor Cuomo’s Article 10 Process Is Rigged

Corruption trial shows Cuomo’s outsize control over state energy utility regulator

Op-ed: Wind Turbines and the Military

Map of US Low-Level Military Airspace

It’s time to replace Clean Power Plan with a sensible solution

Short video: Does Fracking Hurt Babies?

Steve Wozniak: ‘I don’t believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says’ anymore

Canada’s SMR development program is advancing fast

Evaluating a Wind Energy Agreement: A Brief Review

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Apocalypse Not

Crucial Climate Verdict, Naked Conflict-of-Interest

Roy Spencer on the Unsettled Science of Climate Change: A Primer

Peer Review: the Publication Game and “the Natural Selection of Bad Science”

Short video: Can Computer Models Predict Climate Change?

Short video: Scott Pruitt re Climate Change, etc.

Science or silence? My Battle to Question Doomsayers

Will Journalism Destroy Science?

Survey: US Christians Less Susceptible to Climate Alarmism

Report: Sea Level Rise Acceleration (or Not)

Overheated claims on temperature records

First SOTU In 8 Years To Not Mention Global Warming (SOTU)

Democrats Ignore Climate Change In State Of The Union Rebuttal

The Two Degree Delusion

1.5 degrees of climate madness

The IPCC Wobbles Over Climate Models

Understanding “Sustainable” Development

Archive: How a Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA

Professor Peter Ridd Standing Up For Scientific Integrity Against University

Green Myth Exposed: China’s CO2 Emissions Jumped By 4% Last Year

NASA Debunks Global Warming Theory

A review of some geological aspects of climate change with accent on volcanic influences

Scientists Petition American Museum of Natural History to Stand against ‘Climate-Change’ Agitators

Study’s Bizarre Claim: Global Warming Could Alter People’s Personalities

Archive: Is climate change linked to geomagnetism?

Google’s global warming search bias

Politicians can’t have it both ways on climate change

Study: No Evidence of an Anthropogenic Influence on Floods

Exxon Sues the Suers in Fierce Climate-Change Case

Report: More Than 100 ‘Climate Change Cases’ Filed In US Courts In 2017

Mann an embarrassing recipient of what used to be a prestigious award

Deodorants, perfumes and soaps are fouling the air with harmful pollution — at levels as high as emissions from today’s vehicles

Climate Alarmism Is Based on Computer Models and Thus on Nothing

Study: heat from Earth’s hot core is what’s melting Greenland’s ice sheets

The fantasy of accelerating sea level rise just got hosed

World Leading Authority: Sea Level “Absolutely Stable”

The left’s civil war over climate change


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